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Mar 31, 2015
PSM Group


Bates Strike Boots

April showers are no match for Bates waterproof boots. Bates has a large selection of wet weather gear that offers the protection you need to stay dry on the job. You can get your hands on an assortment of Bates waterproof styles at the upcoming NAUMD Convention & Expo in Orlando, Florida, April 12-14. Stop by Bates booth 206 to see a variety of waterproof styles including:

2268 – GX–8 Gore-Tex Side Zip
2276 – GX–8 Composite Toe Side Zip
2900 – Delta 9 Gore-Tex Side Zip
3135 – 8″ Durashocks Lace To Toe
4034 – Velocitor Side Zip
4276 – GX–8 Composite Toe Side Zip
6610 – Code 6 Multicam
7008 – Strike 8″ Side Zip

For more information on these styles including features and benefits, visit

Mar 1, 2015
PSM Group

View the Strong Product Catalog

strong-catThe latest Strong Product Catalog includes all our badge cases & wallets, gear bags and holster products. We continue to provide quality and new products for the Public Safety market.

If you would like to receive a catalog please email us at or click here to download a PDF catalog, for more information visit us on the web at

You can also find a local dealer at the above website. Thank you for your support.

If you would like to receive a catalog please email us at or click here to download a PDF catalog, for more information visit us on the web at

Mar 1, 2015
PSM Group


Strong RFID

Strong Leather introduced a line of RFID shielded badge & credential cases in 2012. We have now expanded that line to not only offer affordable imported options, but also high quality U.S.A. Made versions to fit any budget.

Many credit and smart card ID’s have RFID chips embedded in them that contain your personal and departmental information. Our RFID signal blocking lining is approved by the Federal Government to block transmissions and help prevent identity theft.

Contact your local dealer or email us at


Mar 1, 2015
PSM Group

6000 + Outlast = A Winning Combination!

US Armor Enforcer 6000

The ENFORCER 6000 has an unmatched flexibility, ultra-light carry weight and a superior ballistic performance when compared to competing IIIA/NIJ .06 models on the market. The 6000 series stands up against over (27) enhanced Special Threat Rounds and weighs in at less than < 1 lb. per square foot.

The OUTLAST fabric carrier option now offers the officer a Cool Down feature on their core when the officer’s body temperature increases during a chase or just throughout their duties on the shift. These (2) items together offer an unmatched level of ballistic performance and a superior level of ballistic vest comfort while on the job.

CLICK THESE LINKS below to learn more about how the 6000 and OUTLAST can bring comfort and unparalleled ballistic performance to your department:

6000 Series Armor:
Outlast Carrier Options:

Mar 1, 2015
PSM Group

Bates Cotton Comfort Sock – Stock #E11057470

Bates Strike Boots

This is a three pack crew sock that is available in black and white.

Features include:

  • 88% Cotton, 11% Nylon and 1% Spandex
  • Cotton half cushion comfort
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Ribbed stay-up top for a secure and comfortable fit
  • Smooth toe seams for all day comfort
  • Made in the USA
Mar 1, 2015
PSM Group

G&G’s New B813 IWB Thumb Break Holster

Steve Camp, Ravelin Group owner and defensive firearms instructor, recently discovered Gould & Goodrich’s Model B813 holster, and he’s impressed. In his review “Breaking Good: G&G’s New B813 IWB Thumb Break Holster,” Camp describes the safety features, customizable comfort, and other benefits of the holster for both men and women.

Camp writes:
“Gould & Goodrich’s top grain leather holster combines safety and comfort for those who desire an IWB holster with thumb break retention. There’s a world of holsters for every CCW fit and need, to be sure, and G&G’s B813 deserves your strong consideration.”

Read the rest of the review here on Ravelin Group’s blog:

B813 Holster

Feb 2, 2015
PSM Group

NEW Peerless Model 730 – Superlite

Peerless Superlite

Introducing the new Model 730C – Superlite chain link handcuff. Weighing in at just 5.2 ounces the Model 730 is near half the weight of a typical standard chain link handcuff. The Superlite is designed to meet the demands of law enforcement professionals while making the job a little easier.

The Model 730’s major components utilize aerospace grade aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. It also features steel swivels, steel chain links and spun rivet construction. The smooth single-strand action has 21 locking positions with a push pin double lock. Available in either gray or black ceramic finish.

The Model 730C Superlite is National Institute of Justice Standard 0307.01 certified. The Superlite comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect. Made in USA.

More info at or



Feb 1, 2015
PSM Group

US Armor Outlast® Heat-Management & Copper Thread Technology Carriers

US Armor

U.S. Armor Corporation continues to lead the industry in ballistic comfort and technology! The (2) latest additions to the U.S. Armor catalog are the new Outlast® Heat-Management carrier & the Copper Thread Technology carrier that were recently debuted to a worldwide audience at this year’s SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, NV. Both of these carriers will improve officer’s comfort by leaps and bounds over the competitions carriers and will offer unique advantages to the user. These carriers are too good to miss and are offered at a price that any department’s budget can afford. Don’t miss out on these amazing breakthroughs in comfort and protection for the world of ballistic body armor! Find out more information at:


Feb 1, 2015
PSM Group

American-Made Masonic Regalia Collars and Jewels by Blackinton®


Everyone knows Blackinton® manufactures the finest quality badges in the United States, but did you know we have also been manufacturing the finest Fraternal Regalia collars and jewels since the Civil War?

Our jewels and collars are made with the same care and detail you find in a Blackinton badge or piece of insignia. Visit our website,, and see our extensive fraternal regalia product line. Can’t find what you are looking for contact Gloria our resident expert at (508) 699-4436 x117,

If you are looking for the cheapest collars and jewels buy overseas – if you are looking for a quality piece that will last buy Blackinton. We sell through a nationwide network of dealers, so be sure to ask for American-Made – ask for Blackinton!


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