The fall season brings colder wetter weather; Bates has you covered with a wide variety of waterproof boots. GX-8 with GORE-TEX®, the tried and true best seller, to our brand new line of FX products available in Canteen, Dark Cloud, and Coyote color ways. Bates continues to push the boundaries on purpose built, comfortable, waterproof footwear. We will shine the spotlight on the four boots below, each one filling a unique ask from our consumers with GORE-TEX®, technology stories, and new color options.

GX-8 Side Zip Boot with GORE-TEX®

A durable waterproof side zip boot that is perfect for all seasons. Featuring a strong, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® lining, your feet will stay protected, comfortable and dry.

“I have been buying these boots for almost 10 years and am extremely happy with both how they fit and how long they last. I wear these boots exclusively.” – RMTEL (

Bates Shock

Shock is the newest in Bates anti-fatigue footwear. Featuring our four-part Endurance Performance System, Shock delivers the comfort that you want with the durability that you need in a waterproof boot. Available in Women’s, 8” Side Zip, and a 6” version.


– DNYCE 95 (

Shock FX

The Shock FX series is a new take on the Bates Shock. The FX adds a new toecap and rugged hardware, along with waterproof leathers in three colors: Coyote, Canteen, and Dark Cloud. The FX series also provides the four-part EPS system.

“Truly an outstanding boot. There was no break in time for me. Hit the world running for 14+ hours on the first day…”

– Tommy2slow (

Velocitor FX

The Bates Velocitor FX Series is purpose built and mission ready! This waterproof boot is performance driven with durable styling and versatility. The lightweight and breathable design enhances comfort and flexibility while providing engineered support. The Velocitor FX is available in Canteen and Dark Cloud.

“After 8 hours of wearing them I forgot I Had them on I highly recommend these boots. You won’t be disappointed” – Pigman77 (

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