Bates footwear is known for quality, durable, and dependable boots. We pride ourselves in providing our consumers with the best performance products in the market. We stand by our proprietary technologies and are constantly working to bring you the best in top of the line tactical footwear. We want our consumers to wear only the best, and year after year these are the boots that our customers count on. Proven to perform, here are some of our tried-and-true customer favorites with reviews that speak for themselves.

GX-8 SIDE ZIP BOOT WITH GORE-TEX: A durable waterproof side zip boot that is perfect for all seasons. Featuring a strong, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® lining, your feet will stay protected, comfortable and dry.

“CUSTOMER FOR LIFE. I would recommend these boots to anyone whom works outside or on their feet. Well worth the price. Bates, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful boot, and you have earned a customer for life.” – Ringmaster2124

USMC LIGHTWEIGHT DURASHOCKS BOOT: This lightweight Berry Compliant boot is made with oil, stain and abrasion resistant Wolverine Warrior Leather®. Also featuring Bates DuraShocks® shock absorbing comfort technology, you’ll be comfortable on your feet all day long.

“I SLEEP WITH THEM ON. Going into OCS in a few months and wanted to get them early to break them in. Started of with walking in them everywhere I went. Then started hiking with a weighted pack on in them. Now I’m running miles a day in them. They feel great. One less thing to worry about in training.” – PunchMan, Pittsburgh, PA

ADRENALINE MOTORCYLE BOOT: Bates Adrenaline is created for the truly driven rider who is looking to maximize comfort and performance without sacrificing protection. This all leather boot is quickly becoming a best-seller in Bates PowerSports collection.

“BEST EVER. I have been riding 40+yrs and a Ridercoach for 12yrs. These are the best boots that I ever wore. The comfort and the quality surpassed all my expectations.” – Petey, Clearwater Beach, FL

TACTICAL SPORT SIDE ZIP BOOT: One of Bates most popular styles, this classic 8″ tactical boot features a side zip for easy on and off and cushioned removable insert for extra comfort.

“AMAZING BOOT. I recently bought this boot. It is the most comfortable boot I have ever had. Far exceeds anything else I have had. It also provides great support and protection. I was also surprised at how much grip this boot had. I will never buy another boot from another company again.” – Stryker

SHOCK FX: Shock FX is the newest in Bates anti-fatigue footwear. Featuring our four-part Endurance Performance System, Shock FX delivers the comfort that you want with the durability that you need. Featuring a new toe cap, rugged hardware, and waterproof leathers, the Shock FX is ready to tackle any terrain!

“BEST BOOTS MADE! As expected, these boots are the s**t. This is my fourth pair of Bates boots purchased. Only brand I buy now. Lightweight and super comfy. No breaking in needed. Great quality, great price.” – John Doe, Atlanta, GA

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