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Members of the Public Safety Manufacturers Group are independent companies working together to provide the finest quality products and services to the public safety community.

The PSM Group $1,000 Giveaway!

The largest Giveaway in Law Enforcement continues! Win a prize package filled with the latest gear from the members of the PSM Group. Each MONTHLY GRAB BAG is worth over $1,000!

Member News

Spring Time Boots for Unpredictable Weather

Bates Footwear knows spring is a difficult season for footwear. The range of temperatures and precipitation can drive you crazy. We know that you still need waterproof footwear in April, but we also know that you need it to be lightweight and breathable for those days...

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Blackinton’s New Memorial Badge

INTRODUCING Blackinton’s New Memorial Badge, get yours in time for police week ORDER BY APRIL 6th! Our new Memorial Badge is based on the design of our most popular badge, the B296. The Memorial Badge features three customizable thin lines that stretch...

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Peerless Color Plated Restraints

Peerless color plated restraints help to prevent equipment loss by allowing for easy property identification and tracking. Color can also be used to enable or reinforce a classification system such as threat level, medical condition, jurisdiction and more. Available...

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Custom Chain Work for Special Situations

Build it how you want it. Having the right tool for the job will help ensure officer safety. Peerless® offers custom chain work built to meet specific requirements. Using component parts from standard models different configurations can be manufactured to meet unique...

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Announcing A New Standard FlexBadge Style

We have added another popular badge style to our standard FlexBadge© offering, the FLX2171-B. Our standard offering has no minimums, so if you have been considering making the move from the “typical” law enforcement patch now’s the time! For additional...

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The Giveaway

… the # of Dollars in Gear Won to Date!

Seriously! We have been hooking up L.E. members with FREE gear for over 10 years now!

May 2018

Jay Peyton
Granite Canyon, WY

Albany County Sheriff’s Office

April 2018

Joseph Hanna
Hartsville, SC

Darlington County Sheriff’s Office

March 2018

Brian Renkema
New London, CT

State of Connecticut Dept. of Correction

February 2018

Michelle Devine
Hayward, CA

Alameda County Probation Dept.

Meet Our Members

Bates Footwear

Bates is a leading footwear manufacturer for uniformed personnel around the world, with an unwaivering dedication to craftsmanship, integrity and value.

V.H. Blackinton & Co.

Blackinton combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce the finest badges and insignia for law enforcement professionals.

Mace Tactical

Mace Tactical supports our nation’s federal, state and local law enforcement and public safety officers by providing the most innovative and effective less lethal products.

Peerless Handcuff Company

Peerless offers a full line of restraints including chain link handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, oversize handcuffs, leg irons and waist chains.

Strong Leather

Since 1932, Strong has manufactured the Strong line of badge cases and wallets using the finest materials and workmanship right here in the United States.

U.S. Armor

U.S. Armor offers a complete line of field-engineered and street-proven personal ballistic, anti-stab, EOD and specialty protection products that includes “Tailor Made” custom-fit Concealable vests.

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