We were asked if we could do it, so we tried.  Check out this custom Italian flag background FlexBadge.  It might not be for everyone, but we had fun creating it.  We have over 75 standard FlexBadge styles that are available in 12 different finishes (the finish shown here is not standard), so if you are looking for a little flexibility in your wardrobe consider a FlexBadge. 

Choose Velcro backing if you want to interchange your FlexBadges. Whether it be pink for Breast Cancer awareness month, or black for tactical wear we have you covered.  And just like our metal badges you can personalize a FlexBadge with the seal and lettering of your choice.

We are up to the task if you want to get a little creative let us know we’d love to work with you!  To get your FlexBadge today contact an authorized Blackinton dealer, <<CLICK HERE>> to find a dealer in your area.


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