Our law enforcement consumer is continuing to evolve. New officers and security personnel are demanding lightweight, athletic footwear. They want their on-the-job footwear to match what they are wearing to and from work. Bates is dedicated to providing this new type of footwear to our loyal consumers. We have launched two new lines of boots that provide top of the line comfort, agility, and durability. The Raide and Siege series of boots provide everything that the modern-day officers need for their extremely demanding jobs.

The Bates Raide gives you a dynamic fit with a streamlined, breathable upper pattern. The strobel construction provides a lightweight and extremely flexible fit. The Raide is truly a tactical boot with the sole of a runner! The Raide line offers a boot for every situation. It starts with a tall boot that features waterproof full grain leather and a waterproof membrane, along with a side zip for easy on and off. The line also offers 3 hot weather options; the first is a tall boot with a side zipper, a great lightweight athletic boot for warm climates. The line also offers two mid options in black and olive mojave colorways.

The Bates Siege provides you the same athletic and lightweight performance, in a more classic styled boot. The athletic fit and lightweight midsole are designed to return energy on every step. The Siege offers two waterproof options, one in a tall boot with a side zipper, and one in a mid-version. Both options built with waterproof leather and a waterproof membrane. The third offering is a tall hot weather boot. One of the lightest boots in the line, this boot is an extremely comfortable hot weather option!

Bates Director of Product Development Eric Fracassi talks about the boot evolution: “As the consumer’s needs evolve, our Brand’s product has evolved…we are proud of the new lines of uniform footwear that offer top of the line comfort and durability.”

The Raide and Siege product lines are both available now at batesfootwear.com!

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